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With 20+ years of industrial HVAC commissioning, testing and balancing, we are in the best position to manage your projects commissioning requirements.

A commission-ability survey is provided free of charge to all our clients. We will review all designs pre-installation to ensure the system is commission-able and save you time and money.

Fast & Efficient Commissioning

Our highly experienced team of commissioning engineers and technicians will complete your project in a fast and efficient manner.

We keep your project engineer up to date with a project completion summary that will help keep everybody up to speed.

Our Commissioning methods are in line with current C.I.B.S.E. guidelines.

Reports are produced quickly and maintained electronically for easy future reference.

Commissioning Aftercare

Commissioning aftercare’ is gaining recognition as it has become a requirement of ‘Part L’ Building Regulations as BREEAM Seasonal visits post practical completion together with the ‘SoftLandings’ framework approach which also recommends input of our services post practical completion.

As Commissioning Engineers we offer activities to benchmark performance against data recorded at practical completion.




HVAC Commissioning, Testing & Balancing

Specialist Test Services at no extra cost