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As well as certification of your Biosafety cabinets we can complete certification & qualification of your LAF units, laboratory pressure profiling system, fume hoods etc.

If you use a supply air compensation system (Phoenix Controls) we can Certify the system and your fume-hoods in the same visit.

Need to know if you can accommodate the new extension with you current HVAC services?

How effective are your HVAC services?

Annual qualification is generally accepted as an acceptable frequency.



Envision Engineering Ltd are the leading company in Ireland for Isolator and Biosafety cabinet qualifications.

We have the experience you want and can provide annual re-qualifications of your Isolators, Class II Biosafety cabinets, LAF units and fume cupboards in a quick and efficient manner.

Envision Engineering can provide a cost effective solution to your annual re-qualification needs.

Biological Safety Cabinet Certification

Annual Qualification Services to suit your budget